Fixed Asset Recovery

At Recycled Warehouse Equipment, we believe that you can save more than just your bottom line when buying used material handling products. You can also save time and the environment as well.

Our version of recycling creates the lowest carbon foot print on the environment. Creating metal from recycled metals creates only a 4% carbon foot print compared to mining the metal and processing it through to the final product. We like to be even more environmentally friendly than that.

Our kind of Recycling is to remove any and all usable material handling products from a business that is downsizing or closing, and install it into other businesses that are expanding or just starting up. Why scrap perfectly good items when you can reuse them at a fraction of the cost, both financially and environmentally.

Please take the time to learn more about how Recycled Warehouse Equipment can save you time, money and your environment. We have created this site to be a resource for you and your business. Each section has a Glossary of industry terms to help you get a better idea of the right products for your business. Each product page also has the latest special pricing on products that you are interested in as well as video learning tools and printable PDF files for downloading. If there is anything specific that you are looking for that might not be online here, please contact us so we can help assist you.